Depeche Mode circa 1982, looking as cold as their music.

A couple weeks after it debuted I decided to check out HBO (HBO still right? Or is it Max?) TV show “The Last of Us”. I was at first hesitant, I’m not a video game dude (I’m naturally just awful at them) and I’m old now too. Also, the pandemic thing has been done but the deluge of good reviews made me give it a go.

The Motherfuckin bad guys in the show I just mentioned.

As the first episode ends, our group of hero’s take off to try and save the fucking world. Cue “Never Let Me Down Again” by new-wavish, synth-pop badasses Depeche Mode. The streaming of this classic got a major streaming bump mere days after the episode aired.

This is an interesting trend after the explosive streaming success of the Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God” after it aired in season 3 of the Netflix show “Stranger Things”.

“Never Let Me Down Again” is easily a top 5 Depeche Mode song in my estimation, not an easy feat since they have a ton of amazing music. Let’s hope this interesting trend continues with people being able to find new music via popular TV (or any source for that matter).

Editor’s Note: I’m just still super confused by why HBO rebranded to HBO Max and just calls it Max now. This is very confusing to people my age immediately think of Cinemax (actual Max in the title) which makes us think of Cinemax after dark aka “Skinemax”. I mean if you can spend a shitload of cash on a partial rebrand, why not confuse people into thinking you are going to show the “Red Shoe Diaries”?