I’m a huge NBA fan so I’m going to start a new segment here at the bimonthly Kraken weekly Kraken. It may come back, it may not, who knows!? I’m in two fantasy NBA leagues, and as mentioned a huge fan so I have some thoughts regarding the start of the season.

First things first, Jordan Poole:

He probably just missed a shot

I certainly raised an eyebrow when the Warriors re-signed Jordan Poole to a 4 year 140 million (123 million guaranteed) contract last year. His best year was 21-22 the year before the Warriors resigned him. He averaged 18.5 points, shot under 45% and was underwhelming pretty much everywhere else.

I get that he was on the Warriors and far from the first option but, at best, he’s a streaky 6th man high volume shooter. The Dubs won the championship though (he did play really well during the championship run) and then they resigned him to possibly the worst contract in the league (a lot of completion actually).

In 22-23 he got knocked out by his team-mate, the also hated by me, Draymond Green. Here’s an extensive article detailing the beef. I still feel a bit bad for Poole regarding this incident and would have traded Green. He’s a toxic diva, but he is still good at his job. Jordan wasn’t in 22-23. He scored more points but all of his advanced stats were down from the previous year.

Luckily, for the Warriors, they were able to trade Poole for Chris Paul this offseason and get off the disastrous extension they signed him to.

I know it’s early but Jordan has been making more headlines than anyone not named Victor Wembanyama. His legacy already cemented at 24? Sure, why not! Awful lazy in game shots that have gone viral? Got some of those already! Alley-oop down 20 of the backboard to your, unintentionally funny as well, team-mate. Yep! Full disclosure, I don’t quite get the outrage at this last one, but other people aren’t happy about it, lol.

Jordan Poole, his legacy already set in stone at age 24, is currently shooting 38% from the field and averaging 17.3 points per game. My buddy Pops kept JP in our fantasy league (10th round) selection and totally justified based upon Poole’s ADP, but I’m sure he already had buyer’s remorse. I’m looking forward to monitoring this train wreck the rest of the season.

The Death Star is roaming the galaxy:

No way, it didn’t last, total shocker

James Harden got his wish as Philly traded him to the LA Clippers. Harden whined his way out of Houston, Brooklyn and now Philadelphia. The Clippers are his 4th team in as many years. Changing teams this often only happens to vets trying stay in the league. James has gotten fatter, worse and more annoying at every stop along the way. I’d say he’s my least favorite player in the league but Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are still here, so I can’t say that.

I was pretty sure James wasn’t going to lace up for the Sixers this year and was correct. They didn’t get any meaningful on court help and if they suck Embiid could possibly ask to be traded as well. No matter, he was toxic. They did get a couple first rounders though! Philly deserves some mention here to for completely botching “The Process”. By my count Harden was the last remaining link to the entire, umm, process. It’s now dead and the Sixers will maybe make it to the second round and Embiid will also force a trade. A win win for everyone, cause fuck Philadelphia sports franchises.

The reason I bring this up is cause the Clippers are tied with the Lakers (who always hold the lead in this personal poll) for team I want to least see win the championship.

So now the Clippers have Kawhi, Paul George, Westbrook and Harden. I guess Kawhi and PG have been hurt the past 4 years or however long they’ve been in LA, but c’mon, these guys haven’t done shit and look like they could care less. Westbrook is another crybaby and Harden is the special maraschino cherry on top. Although I do like maraschino cherries! I do not like the Clippers though and I predict this is going to end up being a hilarious disaster.

I can just see this scene happening in the locker room in like 2 weeks.

Harden to Ty Lue: “Wait Kawhi and PG ain’t playing tonight? They didn’t play last night either.”

Ty Lue: “Yeah about that. We just let them both sit whenever they want to.”

Harden: “Well, I’m not playing if they aren’t playing!”

Ty Lue jumps out of a window.

Westbrook: “More 3’s for Russ!!!”

Editor’s Note: Hardwood is a double entendre, of sorts