Editor’s Note: True this feature post image of Kyle Kuzma isn’t on the bench. However, you would be correct to infer that this is how lesbians dressed in the 90’s when they attended Lilith Fair.

Unfortunately this isn’t a very long list but I think it’s worth checking out with the season winding to an end. I will be more diligent in taking photos during the 23-24 season.

They call this the traffic cone look. This was in Atlanta so I’m sure that the Sixers were just glad that James wasn’t at Magic City.

Who the fuck stole my home stereo equipment? Pretty sure it was Kevin Durant dude.

The Boca Raton snow bird sweater is unreal but don’t sleep on the smarties candy necklace.

If this basketball thing doesn’t work out, we still have the Doo-wop group to fall back on.

Sorry I ever doubted that you were struggling with mental health issues Ben.