Editor’s Note: Where I turn on MTV Classic and review the first full video I see.

Glen Medeiros Featuring Bobby Bro!/”She Ain’t Worth It”

Holy fucking shit! Just pay dirt right out of the gate. I’ve never ever ever heard of this song or artist. The first 10 seconds sound like it will be just pure shit. Got some hot chicks dancing around and a guy (who I’m assuming is Glen Medeiros?) sitting in director’s chair dressed like he can hopefully get into the Peach Pit After Dark later.

Beverly Hills
A Place Called Beverly Hills where once a nightclub was attached to a diner.

I don’t know if the video or the song is worse yet? They are both abhorrent.

The Video so far is basically just a bunch of differently lit quick cuts of Glen? either dancing around in his PPAD attire, or he’s sometimes alternately dressed like AC Slater, and the hot chicks dancing in workout clothes (easy star of the show so far). I’m personally eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bobby Bro (lol, fucking never ever heard of these people)!

The song is about the girl not being worth it, trust Glen, she just ain’t worth it. It sounds like a bad Paula Abdul track and Glen has about as much rhythm and charisma as a pet rock. Pretty sure they are making cuts every 1.2 seconds is to hide the fact that Glen can’t dance. Where the fuck is Bobby Bro?!

He’s here! And I think Bobby Brown would have had a potential lawsuit if regarding name, image and likeness had anyone ever seen or heard of these guys. Basically Bobby Bro is like terrible Bobby Brown karaoke but he’s an actual person apparently. He does about a 30 second verse. Way more talent on display than what Glen has offered up so far.

Wait a second. A bit more investigative Googling shows that Bobby Bro IS actually Bobby Brown! What the fuck is going on here? Some serious legal shit had to go down I’m guessing to keep his actual name off of this piece of trash song. Also, fuck man, Bobby must of really needed a quick paycheck for something. Just super weird all around.

Back to the end of the video, which is, thankfully, ending. But…Twist ending! Another hot chick shows up in workout clothes at the end of the video and Glen is annoyed! She is also hot though, and she gives Glen a hug as he checks his watch! So even though Glen is singing about how the girl just ain’t worth it, pretty sure they are still dating. Pussy.

I do hope that they all have fun at the Peach Pit After Dark Later.

Editor’s Note: Additional Googling shows that this was a Billboard #1 hit! I just can’t even with this.

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